BMW - Rolls Royce Harman Becker Logic 7 repair instruction

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BMW - Rolls Royce Harman Becker Logic 7 repair instruction

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The TOP-HIFI sound amplifier module, also known as Logic 7, can fail, with time, for various reasons. This is the final amplification stage for sound on your car

The most common:

Prevents proper functioning of the CCC iDrive navigation. A faulty TOP HIFI amplifier is known to prevent the CCC iDrive navigation from proper functioning. The most common symptoms are: slow navigation through the menu of the CCC unit (a lag in executing user input commands to the iDrive), interruptions in the navigation voice, freezing of the iDrive head unit.
Water infiltration
Lack of sound: rarely, the lack of sound is experienced in only a few of the speakers, but Usually, all sound channels are affected by this fault.
Unusual noise: sometimes, unusual noise can be heard from the speakers, like crackling, loud noises etc. The speakers per se are rarely the source of the problem and the fault lies with the Logic 7 amplifier most of the time.

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